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Tuesday, 06 March 2018 03:00

Featured Book: Underground Sensing: Monitoring and Hazard Detection for Environment and Infrastructure is pleased to announce the addition of "Monitoring and Hazard Detection for Environment and Infrastructure" in our Featured Books Library!

Monitoring and Hazard Detection for Environment and Infrastructure brings the target audience the technical and practical knowledge of existing technologies of subsurface sensing and monitoring based on a classification of their functionality. In addition, the book introduces emerging technologies and applications of sensing for environmental and geo-hazards in subsurface – focusing on sensing platforms that can enable fully distributed global measurements. Finally, users will find a comprehensive exploration of the future of underground sensing that can meet demands for preemptive and sustainable response to underground hazards. New concepts and paradigms based on passively powered and/or on-demand activated, embeddable sensor platforms are presented to bridge the gap between real-time monitoring and global measurements.

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