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Thursday, 08 February 2018 16:03

PDI Introduces the Cross-Hole Analyzer (CHAMP-Q)

Evaluation of concrete quality in deep foundations by the Crosshole Sonic Logging method (CSL).

The Cross-Hole Analyzer (CHAMP-Q) by PDI has the below characteristics:

  • Allows for four probes (six profiles) to be pulled at once for ease and efficiency of data collection
  • Assesses concrete quality and consistency of drilled shafts and other cast-in-place concrete structures
  • Performs real-time analysis on site, as well as data transfer with CHA-W reporting software for additional analysis
  • Offers PDI-TOMO, 3-D tomographic software for superior tomographic results of questionable areas


Once a shaft is prepared with PVC or steel tubes during construction, transceivers are lowered into the access tubes and probe one will transmit a high frequency signal that travels through the concrete and is detected by the other probes which are acting as receivers. This action is repeated with the other probes being automatically configured as transmitters sequentially allowing up to six profiles to be scanned with a single pull. As these sensors are raised and/or lowered along the length of the foundation, the CHAMP-Q displays and records the strength of the received signal, as well as the time from signal emission to signal arrival as a function of depth. In CSL testing, scanning various tube combinations for the entire shaft allows evaluation of concrete quality and defect location along the length and by quadrant. With the CHAMP-Q, the user can pull four cables at once, each color coded for easy identification, and via a newly designed, space efficient tri-pod.

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