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Friday, 02 February 2018 15:57

Sample Ejectors to extrude compacted soil or asphalt specimens

Gilson Sample Ejectors quickly and easily extrude compacted soil or asphalt specimens from 4in and 6in (102mm and 152mm) Soil-Density or Marshall molds.


Adapter ring accessories allow soil samples from 2, 2.5 or 3in (51, 64, or 76mm) diameter Shelby tubes to be extruded. A 12,000lbf (53.4kN) capacity hydraulic jack with 5in (127mm) stroke is mounted in a robust three-column reaction frame constructed of plated steel. Molds are positioned vertically over the piston on a load platform that prevents the emptied mold from falling back over the jack. Daylight opening of the frame is adjustable for mold lengths up to 11.75in (279mm). Specimens longer than 5in are extracted by repositioning the Adapter Ring after maximum piston travel. The spring-loaded piston automatically returns to the start position when the stainless steel knob for the release valve is opened. Adapter Rings are quickly changed with just two wing-nuts, and Extruder Discs rest in place on top of the piston.

 HM-514 Sample Ejector is equipped to handle 4in (102mm) soil compaction or Marshall Asphalt molds.

Click here to see all the specifications of Sample Ejectors HM-514.

Source: Gilson

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