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Friday, 26 January 2018 15:42

Direct Shear Machines built for harsh laboratory environments

HM-380R Direct Shear Machine is equipped with a load cell with digital readout to display shear force, and analog dial indicators to measure vertical and shear displacement.

Dead-Weight Direct and Direct/Residual Shear Machines by Karol-Warner are motorized units for direct and direct/residual shear testing of undisturbed and remolded soil samples, and use a 10:1 dead-weight beam loading system to apply vertical confining pressures. These compact, self-contained units have similar designs, but differ in instrumentation for data measurement and collection. Both are built for harsh laboratory environments and require little floor space.

Strain rate is precisely controlled from 0.0001—0.3in/min (0.0025—7.62mm/min) ±1% by an advanced stepper-motor drive system. Settings are easily adjusted using digital thumb wheel controls. Travel is set with limit switches and maximum shear displacement is 0.8in (20.3mm). Vertical load capacity is 1,411lb (640kg) and maximum horizontal shear force is 1,500lbf (6,672N). A solid 1.25in (32mm) base for the Shear Box assembly is mounted on a sturdy painted steel cabinet and stand with heavy-duty casters for easy mobility. The basic system includes drainage plates, loading block, and a water chamber of Teflon coated anodized aluminum. HMA-739 Shear Box Counterbalance can be purchased separately to offset weight of HMA-735 Shear Box. Round or square Shear boxes of anodized aluminum with Porous Stones are purchased separately for sample sizes up to 4in (101.6mm). Cutters and Extruders are also available. Weight Sets are purchased separately, and at least one US or Metric weight set is required for operation.

Options to upgrade the HM-380R for partial or complete electronic measurement and data collection include digital horizontal and vertical displacement transducers, which must be connected to HM-418 Two-Channel, or HM-419 Four-Channel Digital Readouts. All are purchased separately. The HM-419 model provides an additional channel to route force measurements to a computer. HM-739 horizontal and vertical Displacement Transducers have 1in (25.4mm) range and 0.0001in (0.0025mm) resolution. The Digital Readout units show real-time values on a large vacuum fluorescent display and transfer load and displacement data via a mini USB port to a computer with Windows® XP or newer operating system.

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