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Monday, 18 December 2017 12:21

PDI Introduces New Products

Pile Dynamics continuously focuses on innovation of QA/QC products for the deep foundations industry.

Over the next few months, we will launch several new products including, the Static Load Tester, Shaft Area Profile Evaluator, Pile Dynamics Analyzer – Dynamic Load Tester, and the CHAMP-Q.

Static Load Tester (SLT) provides for measurement of up to 16 channels of force and displacement signals per data acquisition box (DAB), expandable by adding DAB units. PDI’s SLT significantly reduces field set up time by means of smart universal inputs from many types of sensors, including vibrating wire, resistance strain gages, dial gages, etc.

Shaft Area Profile Evaluator (SHAPE) offers quick, cost effective, 360˚, 2- & 3-Dimensional views of a drilled shaft or bored pile holes prior to concrete pouring with four or eight sonic beams scanned simultaneously. SHAPE documents the quality control of shaft radius, volume and verticality.

Pile Dynamics Analyzer - Dynamic Load Tester (PDA-DLT) was created specifically for cast-in-situ piles with the standard data acquisition options as well as with a top transducer or F=ma method.

Cross-Hole Analyzer (CHAMP-Q) simultaneously uses four probes to evaluate the concrete quality of the entire shaft (up to six profiles) in one pull by the Crosshole Sonic Logging method. Color-coded CSL transceivers offer optimized speed of testing and data entry.

You can read all the details in the latest Newsletter of PDI here

Source: Pile Dynamics 

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