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Tuesday, 31 October 2017 08:52

Automatic triaxial tests system - AUTOTRIAX 2

The optimization of advanced technologies in hardware and software components for high efficiency triaxial tests



The AUTOTRIAX 2, by Controls Group, is an advanced triaxial testing system that can automatically perform up to 6 entire and independent tests at the same time, from start to finish, without any human intervention.

The closed-loop feedback control system monitors the components status continuously, in order to react to any change in the parameter pre-set at each test stage.

Autotriax 2 can perform different kind of triaxial tests, :

  • Total and effective stress tests UU (unconsolidated undrained), CU (consolidated undrained) and CD (consolidated drained) isotropic conditions according to ASTM and BS Standards;
  • Stress path tests following MIT and Cambridge methods;
  • K0 anisotropic volume controlled tests;
  • Permeability tests in triaxial cells according to BS 1377: 6;
  • Unsaturated soil triaxial test with control of matric suction using the axis translation method.

Also, additional software package available on request for performing:

  • CRS – Constant Rate of Strain
  • Hydraulic consolidation
  • Unconfined compression
  • CBR (California Bearing Ratio)

Click here to find more information about the specifications of Control's AUTOTRIAX 2.

Source: Controls Group

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