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Monday, 31 July 2017 12:44

Geopier is installing the GP3® system at the Win Chill Freezer Warehouse in Sioux Falls.

Another construction project begins for Geopier..

 Construction begins at the Win Chill Freezer Warehouse in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Geopier is installing the GP3® system within the 200,000 square feet footprint to provide foundation support for increased bearing capacity while reducing total and differential settlement. The GP3 system is being installed to depths of 18 to 27 feet to reinforce the soft to medium stiff clay Loess to tag the underlying stiff glacial till. The system will support column loads of up to 620 kips and wall loads of up to 18 kips per lineal foot. The use of the Geopier system eliminated the need for costly deep foundations.

 The Geopier GP3® system uses replacement Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) elements to reinforce good to poor soils, including soft to stiff clay and silt, loose to dense sand, organic silt and peat, and variable, uncontrolled fill.

 The GP3 system allows for visible inspection of the spoils, and the opportunity to address changing ground conditions as they happen. It is an effective replacement for massive over-excavation and replacement or deep foundations, including driven piles, drilled shafts or auger cast-in-place piles.

Watch in the video GP3 system On-Site Installation and Animation.

Source: Geopier

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