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Thursday, 06 July 2017 13:35

Geopier Impact® elements in Century Village at Cabrillo, Phase V

Over 1,300 Geopier Impact® elements were installed in 29 days to mitigate potential liquefaction settlement in Century Village at Cabrillo, Phase V.

Construction consisted of a four-story apartment complex and parking structure, supported on a mat foundation with an applied bearing pressure of 750 psf. Large predicted liquefaction settlements due to the design earthquake are the primary geotechnical design concern. Soil conditions consisted of 10 feet of loose silty sand and medium stiff sandy silt over discontinuous, interbedded layers of loose silty sand, medium stiff sandy silt, and soft to medium stiff lean to fat clay to depths of about 30 feet, underlain by older marine sand and silt deposits. The historic high groundwater level was established at 7 feet below grade. The design team was concerned about liquefaction of the silty sand and sandy silt in the upper 30 feet during a magnitude 7.2 design earthquake with a peak ground acceleration of 0.64g.

More than 1,300 Impact elements were installed to depths of 30 feet in only 29 days. An added benefit of the liquefaction mitigation program was reinforcing the soft clay layers and creating a 30-foot thick crust of reinforced soil to provide support for the mat foundation static loads.

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