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Monday, 03 July 2017 14:47

Selecting the Right Test Sieve for Non-Conventional Use

What Should You Know About Test Sieves?

 While sifting flour for a cake is significantly different than test sieving aggregates for road construction, the premise is the same: there’s a recipe for success to follow. Both require specific processes and any variation can result in failure. Whether baking or sieving, understanding that you need to follow the recipe is integral to a good result.

 First, there are hundreds to choose from, based on diameter, height, opening sizes, the materials they are made from – and how they will be used. While the most popular frame diameters for “conventional” test sieves are 8in or 12in (203 or 305mm), conventional sieves are also available in diameters as small as 3in (76mm) and as large as 18in (457mm).

For many years, brass was the material of choice for both frames and woven-wire mesh because it was affordable. Stainless steel was expensive and its use was reserved for applications where contamination or abrasion could be a problem. These days, brass has become more expensive while stainless steel has come down in price, making it the most durable, affordable and cleanest option for frames and cloth. With proper care and use, Stainless Steel Sieves have the longest service life and provide the best option to avoid sample contamination.

 At Gilson they know sieves and sieving – and that there is more than avoiding sample contamination to take into account, such as:

  • Level of precision required
  • Fragility of the sample
  • Sample composition: fine granular or powder, or bulky and hard
  • Which test sieves work best with which Sieve Testing equipment

In Gilson they also know that some applications require non-conventional test sieves. This blog post will explore some of the more unique characteristics and factors related to “alternative” test sieves and identify the right receptacle for your test sieving needs. 

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