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Friday, 21 April 2017 07:26

Gilson's 6in Soil Density Mold Sets

Gilson's 6in Soil Density (Proctor) Mold Sets fit HM-530 Mechanical Soil Compactors and are useful for compacting soil specimens for moisture-density relationship tests.

Complete Mold Assemblies have detachable extension collars and base plates. Molds are 4.584in (116.4mm) in height and composed of rugged heavy steel, clear-zinc plated for resistance to rust.

Molds are sold with split or solid construction. Split molds allow manual removal of soil specimens. Solid molds are designed for use with sample ejectors. Mold volume is 1/13ft³.


  • Ideal for soil-moisture density relationship (Proctor) tests
  • Choice between split or solid molds
  • Split molds do not require an extruder for specimen removal
  • Easy-cleaning with detachable extension collar and base plate

 Included Items:

  • 6in Soil Density Mold Set
    • Detachable Extension Collar
    • Base Plate

 You can read more about the specifications of 6in Soil Density Mold Set here.

Source: Gilson

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