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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 11:26

3D Soil Profile Visualization Software by Novotech (video)

VisLog by Novotech converts your borehole logs to a 3D, interactive model of subsurface soil layers without the hassle of using expensive and complex computer programs.

 It is really simple! You just have to enter the borehole data including soil layers, co-ordinates and groundwater level. Then you just have to create the sil profiles by selecting the boreholes along the profile. VisLog automaticlly will connect the similar soil layers between boreholes, giving you a 3D model.

If you are using gINT software for borehole log drafting, VisLog can directly import your borehole data from gINT files.

You can find all the information and download the VisLog here

Source: NovoTech

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