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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 12:18

CONBEL Pneumatic Consolidation Test System, by Gilson

Karol-Warner CONBEL® Pneumatic Consolidation Systems by Gilson are accurate and reliable loading mechanisms for soils consolidation testing. 

Karol-Warner CONBEL® Pneumatic Consolidation Systems are accurate and reliable loading mechanisms for soils consolidation testing. Available in two different load capacities, both rapidly apply and maintain precision loads pneumatically and have a small footprint to save valuable bench space. The controller allows application of low or high loads.

 These devices display applied loads through digital displays and use precision pressure regulators and pressure transducers with a linearity of ±0.1%. The 1in (25.4mm) thick aluminum platforms have adjustable centering pads and accept any consolidation ring up to 7.25in (184mm) diameter. Stainless steel vertical rods support the cross-head and dial gauge and sturdy, enamel-coated steel cabinets protect the unit. Fixed or floating ring consolidation cells must be ordered separately for each consolidation frame.

HM-354 CONBEL® Pneumatic Consolidation Test System has load capacity to 32tsf (3,064.3kPa) and requires a minimum of 123psi (8.5bar) of compressed air.


  • Rapid, accurate application and maintenance of pneumatic loads for precision consolidation testing
  • Dead-weight mechanism allows application of small confining loads Small footprint saves bench space

Read the specification for Gilson's CONBEL Pneumatic Consolidation Test System here

Source: Gilson

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