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Thursday, 24 November 2016 08:46

Sydney Airport Optimizes Multi-discipline Collaboration with Infrastructure Facilities Management System

Bentley Technology Delivers a Single Source of Truth for Effective Information Mobility among Project Teams.

Occupying 2,239 acres with more than 400 buildings, three terminals, three runways, and associated taxiways, Sydney Airport is one of Australia’s most important pieces of infrastructure, generating economic activity equivalent to 6.4 percent for New South Wales and providing 306,700 jobs. The airport’s design team is responsible for maintenance, documentation, and guardianship of civil, architectural, airfield design, and services databases, as well as leasing documents, airspace protection, and numerous presentation drawings.

On a monthly basis the airport’s designers generate dozens of complex, time-consuming maps and facility drawings required to meet corporate and regulatory requirements. To manage compliance with operational safety measures and ensure stakeholder collaboration throughout all phases of facility design, construction, and maintenance, the department needed to streamline workflows and facilitate production of accurate drawings and information—then update, publish, share, and disseminate efficiently. Using Bentley technology, the design team created a self-service facilities management system that provides quick and easy access to layout and geospatial data, and improves information mobility among its employees, consultants, and stakeholders.

The airport design team deployed Bentley Map as a GIS platform to map the ever-changing airport facilities’ assets and capture data intelligence to provide the foundation for Sydney’s Airport Infrastructure Facilities Management System (AIFMS). Using the array of technologically-advanced GIS and topology capabilities powered by Bentley’s mapping software allowed the team to model the facilities as intelligent, real-word 3D representations and assign attributes to uniquely identify and locate every asset. Each of the 15,000 doors, tenancies, and assets within terminals, car parks, and ancillary buildings were identified by a unique number. Working in a collaborative, federated environment and using a map-based interface with project, document, and workflow management applications helped define a consistent approach to classifying and defining the information for all objects. This ensured the AIFMS not only met the different departments’ requirements, but that it was consistent with the naming conventions across the project, so information would be easily stored and retrieved.

ProjectWise Delivers a Single Source of Truth

The entire AIFMS is based on a combination of server applications (ProjectWise, Bentley Geo Web Publisher, SQL Server), desktop applications (MicroStation, Bentley Descartes, Bentley Map, Pointools), Web applications (ProjectWise Web Explorer, Bentley Geo Web Map Viewer), and mobility applications (Bentley Map Mobile, Navigator, and ProjectWise WorkSite [formerly Field Supervisor]). The Bentley Map The utilisation of the features in Bentley MAP, has enabled the Design Team to not only define Classifications and Categories but also the ability to add and infinite amount of criteria to all elements. This allows greater flexibility when thematic mapping is required whilst also facilitating the capacity to extract and analyse data about specific assets. Fast Facts • The airport design team used Bentley Map to map the facilities’ assets, and to produce on-demand thematic models for use in various airport databases. • ProjectWise serves as the primary data storage for facilities design and business-related content, providing a single source of truth for the system. • Bentley Geo Web Publisher provides a self-service portal giving stakeholders quick, easy access to design and geospatial data. ROI • The AIFMS provides a secure information environment and eliminates data redundancy, saving an estimated 12,395 resource hours per year. Project Summary Organization: Sydney Airport Solution: Government Location: New South Wales, Australia Project Objective: • Implement a high-quality airport infrastructure facilities management system using innovative engineering and geospatial applications. • Dynamically share data and enable self-service for project stakeholders to eliminate data redundancies and improve operational efficiency. Products used: ProjectWise®, Bentley Geo Web Publisher, MicroStation®, Bentley Descartes, Bentley Map, Bentley Map Mobile, Bentley Pointools, ProjectWise Web Explorer, Bentley Geo Web Map Viewer, Bentley Navigator, and ProjectWise WorkSite AIFMS provides a secure environment with no data redundancy, increasing efficiencies in operations and maintenance for both stakeholders and the design office. 7 Bentley MAP - Thematic mapping and data extraction The table is generated using the ‘data browser’ within Bentley MAP and then exporting to excel for further formatting criteria such as area, tenancy names etc. can be extracted into the table. © 2016 Bentley Systems, Incorporated. Bentley, the “B” Bentley logo, ProjectWise, Bentley Geo Web Publisher, MicroStation, Descartes, Bentley Map, Pointools, and Navigator are either registered or unregistered trademarks or service marks of Bentley Systems, Incorporated or one of its direct or indirect wholly owned subsidiaries. 

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