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Friday, 14 October 2016 01:00

Energy Plant Dam Collapses Due to Flooding in North Carolina (video)

North Carolina flooding damage North Carolina flooding damage. Credits: Rick Dove / Waterkeeper Alliance

On Wednesday, October 12th, a dam broke at the Duke Energy H.F. Lee plant causing one of its cooling ponds to mingle with the floodwater.

The dam was damaged by the heavy flooding from Hurricane Matthew. Ironically, the breach occurred just after Duke Energy released a statement that the dam was operating properly.

The cooling pond contained over 1.2 billion gallons. Hurricane Matthew has caused record flooding in North Carolina and Wayne County, where the plant is located, has been hit hard. This particular dam has a history of structural problems including damage from Hurricane Floyd in 1999. In addition, Duke Energy does not have a good track record with water safety. Citizens of Wayne County have begun to worry that their drinking water could be contaminated. Greenpeace has called for both Duke Energy and the governor of North Carolina to take responsibility and ensure the safety of the public. 

Source: EcoWatch

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