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Thursday, 18 August 2016 00:00

Sinkhole Forms in Backyard of Ipswich Home (Video)

Sinkhole in Ipswich Sinkhole in Ipswich. Credits: Mark Cranitch

Earlier this month on August 2nd, a large sinkhole formed in the backyard of a country home in Ipswich, Australia. The home owners, retired couple Ray and Lynn McKay, have moved out while it is determined if the sinkhole will grow and endanger their home. The sinkhole has grown to 8 meters in diameter.

A neighbor alerted the McKay's of the sinkhole in the morning on August 2nd. At the time, the sinkhole measured only 1 meter across, but has since grown dramatically. Due to the amount of water it contains, local utility companies originally believed a water or sewer pipe had burst, but it was determined that there were no pipes in the area.

Authorities now believe that the sinkhole may have been caused by a collapse or flooding of abandoned mine shafts that are found throughout the area. The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection are working to repair the damage and return the McKays to their home.

Source: ABC

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Sinkhole forms in backyard of Ipswich home Videolandmarks / ABC News

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