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Thursday, 04 August 2016 09:23

Measurand: See SAAF, SAAScan and SAAX1000 Products




 SAAF: Field Array

SAAF is an SAA for monitoring deformation in the field. All microprocessors in the array share the same digital communication line, enabling long array lengths. For installations within 60 deg of vertical, SAAF reports a 3D polyline representing its shape. Software can be set to read 2D data when the array is all or partly near-horizontal.

SAA: Scan

SAAScan has coverings that resist abrasion and repeated flexing, so is more suitable for repeated insertions. Applications include measuring co-alignment of boreholes and placement of drill strings. Care and fixturing are still advised to avoid excess flexing and abrasion before SAAScan enters the borehole.


 SAAX1000 is an SAA with segments 1000 mm long, for use where cost reduction is important. It is currently specified for horizontal use only, while beta testing of vertical installations proceeds. The waterproof construction includes robust joints of hydraulic hose connecting stainless steel tubes. Plated steel fittings are used. SAAX1000 is for use where curvatures are modest and/or casing is large enough to prevent bending of the longer segments. Spatial detail will of course be more limited than with shorter segments. Applications include settlement, rail line, and pipeline monitoring (contact Measurand for installation details). SAAX1000 has the same internal sensing and electronics as Model 3 SAAF or SAAScan.

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