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Thursday, 21 January 2016 14:21

Bentley Systems: Reversing a Culture of Waste Report is excited to present Bentley Systems Report on reversing the culture of waste. The report suggest that of the approximately 120 million tonnes of waste currently produced in the GCC countries, 55% is from construction and demolition.

Research has found that more than half of the GCC’s total waste – which stands at 120m tonnes annually – is produced by construction and demolition (C&D). However, that could all be about to change as Tadweer sets out a new roadmap to not only reduce waste in Abu Dhabi, but take the message of waste reduction across the GCC with the Waste Management Master Plan.

The issue isn’t entirely confined to the GCC; C&D debris represents the largest proportion of waste in the Middle East. Limited C&D waste management regulations in the region, compared to other countries, have resulted in the accumulation of C&D waste in landfills. Yet experts in waste management say that recycling C&D waste can conserve raw material, energy, and water, as well as reduce the production of greenhouse emissions and other pollutants that can contribute to climate change.

According to Tadweer, C&D waste recycling can even preserve natural resources and support the local economy through the marketing of recycled C&D material which is much cheaper and has the same quality as the raw material and can be used in infrastructure projects.

The Waste Management Master Plan, being developed by Tadweer for Abu Dhabi, includes studies about the best practices, laws and policies related to waste management and the best cost efficient waste processing solutions. The Plan’s outcome will also propose methods to reduce commercial and industrial waste and raise awareness about the importance of reducing waste especially that of construction and demolition.


Read the whole report here!


Source: Bentley Systems

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