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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 15:25

Hayward Fault Deformation: Berkeley Memorial Stadium Damage

Texts and Photos by Dimitrios P. Zekkos.



















Figure 1 is a view of the Memorial Stadium.

The Memorial Stadium is located on top of the Hayward Fault trace. The steady creep along the fault results in relative displacement of the two parts of the stadium. Hayward fault creeps with a rate of approximately 1cm/year.

Figure 2 shows the relative displacement of the two parts of the stadium. The paper sheet is for scale.

Figure 3, shows the same relative displacement from the top.

Figure 4 is a view to the South from the Stadium. You can see the heave to the left. The fault passes through the structure shown in the Figure which has also a weak or soft story. (If you do not know what a weak story is click here to see a case from the Athens '99 earthquake).

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