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Advertizing Kit

Let your brand reach
of professionals
and companies in
geotechnical engineering
Get unprecedented exposure
to the geoengineering community
Get direct access to:

More than 110,000
professionals (year 2017).

More than 11,000 subscribed members who receive our
monthly newsletter.

Thousands of more civil and geo-engineering professionals who receive our newsletters through various mail lists.
Get informed about latest:

  • • Industry news
  • • New software
  • • Educational websites
  • • Industry magazines & News
  • • Online Papers
  • • Webinars
  • • Publications
  • • Industry Events
  • • Job Announcements
the most innovative, dynamic and effective
promotion PLAN in the industry!
We bring your company & offerings to the attention of thousands of geoprofessionals and civil engineers.
We constantly evolve our advertising programs to best fit the needs of our corporate sponsors (advertisers) and audience.
We build trust for your brand in the minds of geoprofessionals worldwide.
Geoprofessionals, companies and individuals in USA and internationally are using our:
Online databases • Daily updated news center • Monthly Newsletter • Event database • Forums • Personalized Marketing • Engineering & IT Services
to make the right business decisions!
promoting with us is a success story !
We are a customer oriented company with passion for our industry Benefit from us!
Our 16 years of experience in the Industry!
Our company was founded by Dr. Dimitrios Zekkos, P.E. Professor, University of Michigan. Constantly innovating and growing since.
Our cutting edge online promotional campaigns!
Through our information and communication channels (web pages, newsletters, forums, social media)

Our Cost Effectiveness!
We are proud to keep our prices low, compared to other industry magazines, and our services to the highest level !
We have an in-house team of civil engineers, IT and Marketing specialists that will work for your best results and promotion!
Our team of senior professionals!
Our International Exposure!
The International Center for Geoprofessionals
Percentage of visitors per continent. Year 2017
Our Online Advertising services
Display Advertising
We accept a variety of web banners and target them to specific sections and pages of our website.
Text Advertising
We list text ads with the text of your choice (e.g. your brand name & tagline), which lead to your web page.
Email Marketing
We provide a variety of opportunities for promotion through our monthly Newsletter (display and/or text advertising, event or book promotion, etc.) Click here for a sample issue.
Featured Technical
Editorial Articles
We offer extra promotion to your projects, products, services, supplies, equipment, software, books, etc. in popular pages (inc. Homepage). We promote your products & services through Expert Technical Editorial Articles, Highlights & Announcements, as well as our News Center and Social Media!
Our Online Advertising services
Company Profile Page
Creation & Maintenance
We create and maintain your SEO optimized page within the site, which includes your basic information and offerings, as well as latest news and ways our audience can interact with your organization.
Social Media Posts

16.000+ followers
We consistently post your news and press releases in our twitter, linkedin and facebook pages.
Software Promotion in
our Interactive Database
Sponsorships are available for highlighting your software, learn more here!
Press Release &
News Distribution
We search for and promote your news and press releases, including new products & services you offer.
Our Online Advertising services
Event Listings
We promote your upcoming events (conferences, courses, webinars) and their description and links in our Events Feature. We also offer extra promotion through display banners & Featured Listings (see our Homepage).
Publication Listings
We feature your books, each with a cover photo, description and link to order online in our books page and Newsletters. We also include your papers, case histories and other publications in our relevant website sections and databases, and promote further through display banners on the Books and Publications Pages.
Photograph Listings
We include your photographs (e.g. your project's photos) in our indexed photo gallery.
Project Listings
We feature your projects with your logo, its description, photographs, videos & links in our Projects Section.
Become a Sponsor for further Promotion and Marketing Choices !
Corporate Sponsors
Product or Service Providers
Software Providers
What some of our corporate sponsors say
The website continues to serve as an online resource for geoprofessionals all over the world. I regularly look to it to find out the latest news and information affecting the geotechnical community.

Dr. Rachid Hankour, PhD, Vice President & Director Lab Systems (Geocomp Corporation)
Gregg Drilling & Testing is proud to be one of the early and continuing sponsors of continues to provide valuable webbased free access for geotechnical engineers to share information and knowledge about geotechnical engineering

Peter Robertson, Technical Director (Gregg Drilling & Testing)
Fine has been a corporate sponsor of for over 7 years now and we keep on choosing the annual corporate sponsorship because of the abundance of opportunities it provides for promotion: our software is advertised continuously through listings, banners, press announcements, but we also had a featured software section that highlighted GEO5 even more!

Jakub Netik, Marketing Manager (Fine)
For us, is both a trusted resource and a valued partner. They provide us access to a wealth of pertinent industry information and they do a great job of sharing our company's latest news.

Gretchen Connelly, Communications Specialist (Nicholson Construction)
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