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"Geo-Trends Review" thirteenth issue is published!

GeoWorld, the biggest online platform for geotechnical engineers, is excited to announce the publication of the thirteenth issue of "Geo-Trends Review" magazine.  The thirteenth issue was just distr...

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RSPile: Bored Pile Analysis

New in RSPile: Bored Pile Analysis and Much More As we move into the final couple months of 2020, it can feel like the year is already over. For RSPile though, 2020 still has tons of great new surpr...

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Study reveals evidence of massive floods in a Martian crater

According to a new study, a crater on Mars has experienced extensive floods around 4 billion years ago. Whether Mars was ever occupied with water and potentially with some primitive types of life is...

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NASA maps landslides in central America caused by hurricane Eta

NASA is currently mapping the landslides that were triggered during the passage of Hurricane Eta through Central America. Hurricane Eta struck in early November 2020 and was one of the most powerful...

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How to Get an Accurate Helical Bid

Deep foundation pricing is multifaceted and a one price fits all approach can lead to unexpected costs. Chance Foundations recently wrote a blog post mentioning top 4 factors that can affect pile pri...

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Keller Ranks #1 on Excavation and Foundation firms for 2020 ENR

This is Keller’s second year holding #1 position, while prior to 2019, this position was held by Keller company Hayward Baker for years. Keller’s geotechnical and foundation companies combined into a...

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Why you Should Use at Least 2 Methods to Determine Helical Pile Capacity

CHANCE® Foundation Solutions recently wrote a blog post arguing why you should use at least 2 methods to determine helical pile capacity. The capacity of a helical pile must equal or exceed the fa...

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Designing a Nine-story Residential Building above Subway Tunnels in West Bucharest: Finalist of Bentley Geotechnical Engineering YII 2020 awards

In western Bucharest, Romania, a residential building is being constructed over existing subway tunnels. The structure, which will cost an estimated EUR 2.5 million, includes nine floors and a baseme...

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Rehabilitiating the Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan Approach Arches using Jet Grouting: Project by Keller

Keller team is working on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, using jet grouting to rehabilitate the Manhattan approach arches. Mobilization began in May 2020 and production is expected to f...

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ADM Monitor System in Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project

"Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project” is the largest water resource project in Guangdong province in terms of pipeline length — 113.2 kilometers — and the geographical area receiving...

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A list of Videos on Laboratory Testing to support Online Instruction

Introduction In the wake of the continuing spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease, and the concerns of the health, safety and well-being of the communities at academic institutions around t...

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Kim Dong-Soo, pioneer in geotechnical engineering, dies at 59

7th March 1961 – 3rd November 2020 The following obituary is distributed by Dr. Choong-gi Chung, President of Korean Geotechnical Society, Professor, Dept. of Civil & Environ. Eng., Seoul Nationa...

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Soil Subgrade Reaction in Rigid Foundations

Introduction For rigid foundations, the analytical solutions of the elastic half-space approach are presented. A linear stress distribution is assumed, thus, whether the soil substratum is cohesive...

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3D Modeling of Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction: Case History at Fly Ash Silo, Maasvlakte Rotterdam

Note: This Case History was first presented in Plaxis Bulletin, Autumn issue 2013, by L.F.J. Bekken, and W.A. Nohl, Fugro GeoServices B.V., Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The initial publication can b...

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Soil Subgrade Reaction

Introduction The interaction between a foundation system and the underlying ground is the defining factor of the stress-dependent behavior of the subgrade soil, also known as soil subgrade react...

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Slope Inclinometers

Introduction Geotechnical instrumentation is a critical part of every construction project as it provides vital information about the in-situ behavior of the ground. Instrumentation met...

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Splitting Tensile Strength Test (Brazilian)

Introduction The Brazilian Test is a laboratory test conducted in rock mechanics to indirectly determine the tensile strength of rocks. The tensile strength of rock materials is an import...

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Point Load Test

Introduction Point Load (PL) is a test that aims at characterizing rock materials in terms of strength. It is an index test, meaning that it can be performed relatively quickly and without the...

Geotechnical investigation Guideline for Onshore Gas Pipeline

By Sidney Mougueret De Abreu, 04 Nov 2020

Interface in PLAXIS 3D

By Dinesh K. Malviya, 29 Sep 2020

Base friction on Perched Piles

07 Sep 2020


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2020 Geotechnical Business Directory

This unique annual business directory includes 20,000+ professionals and 900+ companies and organizations in the geotechnical engineering profession. Powered by GeoWorld, the professional network for...

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Practical Soil Dynamics

The objective of this book is to fill some of the gaps in the existing engineering codes and standards related to soil dynamics, concerning issues in earthquake engineering and ground vibrations, by...

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Practical Guide to Green Technology for Ground Engineering

Over the last 50 years there has been rapid development of construction techniques, analytical methods and materials for use in ground engineering. One of the major techniques which has been developed...