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Newsletter No 140,  December 2016

Our Holiday Newsletter

This last issue of 2016 wraps up the most popular and interesting geonews of 2016 enough for you to enjoy reading during your winter holiday break!

We want to thank you and all our 27,000 followers and member for the support and interaction! Feel free to continue sharing, liking, tweeting on what we post and will continue to promote our breaking news among all members of the geo community

Happy Holidays!

Living with Shrink-Swell Soils: A what-to-do pamphlet for home-owners, prepared by ASCE Geo-Institute

Debris Flow Recorded in Argentina

Oso Washington Landslide Risk Goes Back Decades

Researchers use Drones to Map Landslides in Nepal.

Sinkholes in Texas Oil Fields Growing Rapidly

Chemical Weathering Deteriorating Mosul Dam

Four Cars Swallowed by Sinkhole in Ruijin, China (video)

Dozens of Cars Fall Into 200 Meter Long Sinkhole in Florence


Ottawa Sinkhole Swallows Three Road Lanes and a Minivan

SUPER Air Meter


Geologists Recreate 4800 Year Old Zion Landslide (video)

Bentley Systems: Reversing a Culture of Waste Report


Landslide in China Destroys Buildings (Video)

Drivers Stop in Road to Avoid Landslide (video)


Is SAA really different from other inclinometer systems?

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