The International Information Center for Geotechnical Engineers

Site Characterization

Engineering Geology and Site Characterization Educational Resources Developed by EGSC Committee Members
EGSC (2018).
Seismic Duck
A.D. Robison. ().
Information about Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and liquefaction for practicing engineers and geologists
P. Robertson. ().
Site Investigation
N. Sivakugan, K. Johnson. ().
Rayleigh Waves and Site Characterization
S. Foti. ().
Continuous Intrusion Miniature Cone Penetration Test
. ().
Non destructive test methods of stone and rock
A. Bodare. ().
An Introduction to Drilling & Sampling in Geotechnical Practice
J.T. DeJong, R.W. Boulanger. (2000).
The Berkeley Web Course in Applied Geophysics
F. Morrison, A. Becker. (2001).

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