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Prefabricated Vertical Drains





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Additional references used to address the comments provided below:

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Figure and Table List


[A] Prefabricated Vertical Drains


[B] Cross-Section With and Without Vertical Drains


[C] Layfield Wick Drain Example


[D] Geosupply Wick Drain Example


[E] Cross-Section of PVD

Barron, R.A. (1948)


[F] Flow Net for Flow to Oblong Drain from Circular Source

Barron, R.A. (1948)


[G] Plot of Equivalent-Drain-Diameter to Width-of-Drain Ration, d/b versus Thickness-of-Drain to Width-of-Drain Ration, t/v

Barron, R.A. (1948)


[H] Comparison of Equivalent Drain Diameters by Various Methods

Barron, R.A. (1948)


[I] PVD Installation


[J] Installation Patterns

Holtz, R.D. (1987)


[K] Drain, Mandrel and Anchor Plate

Cramer (undated)


[L] Approximation of the Disturbed Zone Around the Mandrel

Holtz, R.D. (1987)


[M] Various Possible Configurations for Vertical Accommodation to Soil Settlement

Ali, Faisal Haji (1991)


[N] Deformation Patterns

Tran-Nguyen, Hoang-Hung (2010)






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