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 Course Name: CEE 542-Soil-Site Improve
 Semester: Winter 2014
 Instructor: Prof. Dimitrios Zekkos
 University: University of Michigan
 Course Type: Graduate
 Participating Students: 11
 Projects: 5
 Project Status: Completed

In the Winter 2014 semester, as part of the course curriculum, students of the CEE 542 graduate-level Geoenvironmental Engineering course in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Michigan worked in teams and submitted a class project on a ground improvement topic of their choice. The educational objective behind this project, which is a major part of their class requirement, is to allow students to perform some independently research/study on a practical topic that they are excited to learn more about and and investigate it in much more detail than what would be normally covered in the course lectures. 


The Deliverables on this project are the following:

A webpage as part of the "Web-based Class Projects" content.

A set of educational Microsoft Powerpoint slides that engineers, educators and students can use to learn some of the fundametal aspects of each remediation technique. This resource is also included as an attachment to each webpage and was also used in oral presentations made by the students at the end of the semester.


Students were asked to submit a draft of their webpage by Monday April 7th 2014. At that time, the draft will be distributed to members of various technical committees on ground improvement and geotechnical professionals who will be encouraged to provide feedback. Professionals will also be notified through the newsletter.

Feedback from visitors of can be posted on each webpage in the form of comments and can include comments, specific questions, identified deficiencies in text that need to be addressed, requests for more detailed information, and additional information that the reviewers of the website wish to be added. The official review period will last two weeks (i.e., until the 23rd of April). The instructor will provide also comments as part of his own review. On the basis of the comments that the students receive they will need to finalize the webpage and powerpoint slides and make a presentation to the class on April 23, 2014.

Students are graded for completeness, organization and presentation.

The impact of this student learning initiative, will be assessed using anonymous student survey forms that all participating students will complete. 

Participating students in the class are listed below:


Permeation Grouting Additives


Deep Soil Mixing for Retention of Excavations

David Quintal
Olivia Marshall
Alex Willets
Stefano Bruni

Ground Freezing

Prefabricated Vertical Drains

William Greenwood
Clark Green 
Mike Partenio
Jenna Scorza
Gregory Fox




Ian Mcreery
Yanet Zepeda

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