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Review of Polyurethane Resin Grouting for Rock Mass Stabilization



This report provides a review of polyurethane resin (PUR) injection grouting as a technique for stabilization of rock masses.                                                          

PUR is a subset of the polyurethane chemical grout category. PUR is implemented by injection under pressure with the goal of consolidating or “gluing” a highly fractured mass. PUR injection grouting may be used as the sole reinforcement method or in conjunction with other rock stabilization methods. PUR has been used extensively as a coal mine roof and longwall stabilization technique, and has since been expanded to rock slope stabilization applications.

This report is based on a review of the available literature on PUR pertaining to stabilization of rock masses. It provides a brief overview of polyurethane chemical grout materials, and narrows its focus to that of PUR, and its applications to stability of rock masses. It goes on to discuss implementation of PUR injection grouting for stabilization and design considerations when utilizing PUR grout. Finally, two case studies of PUR injection grouting for stabilization are reviewed: Roof stabilization in a West Virginia coal mine, and a highway tunnel face stabilization in Colorado.    


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