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Soil Vapor Extrusion


Recommended Reading

Technical Background

Otten, Alma, Arne Alphenaar, Charles Pijls, Fank Spuij, and Han de Wit. (1997). “In Situ Soil Remediation.” Kluwer Academic Publishers., The Netherlands. 34-40.

Kostecki, Paul T. and Calabrese, Edward J. (1992). “Contaminated Soils: Diesel Fuel Contamination.” Lewis Publishers, Inc., Chelsea, MI. 81-113

Design Guidelines

Johnson, P.C., C.C. Stanley, M.W. Kemblowski, D.L. Byers, and J.D. Colthart (1990). “A Practical Approach to the Design, Operation, and Monitoring of In Situ Soil-Venting Systems” in Ground Water Monitoring Review, 10(2), 159-178.

USACE. (2002). “Engineering and Design: Soil Vapor Extraction and Bioventing.”, EM 1110-1-4001, Department of the Army, US Army Corps of  Engineers, Washington, DC.

Case Studies

USEPA (1998). “Remediation Case Studies: In Situ Soil Treatment Technologies (Soil Vapor Extraction, Thermal Processes).” Volume 8, EPA/542/R-98/012, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC.


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