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Stabilization/Solidification - 8.1 Case Study #1

8.1 Case Study #1: In-Situ treatment at South 8th Street Landfill Superfund Site, West Memphis, AR 

The South 8th Street Landfill was a 30-acre industrial and municipal waste landfill. Before becoming a landfill, the site was excavated for gravel, resulting in numerous borrow pits. After 1957, the pits were used for disposal of industrial and municipal wastes. Between 1960 and 1970, waste oil sludge from a nearby refinery was deposited on 2.6 acres of the landfill. EPA conducted borings between 1981-1988 and found the oil sludge soil was contaminated with PAHs, PCBs, and lead.

In-situ mixing with auger reagents was utilized to remediate the soil. The following mixing proportions were used:

  • Soil 64.5 percent
  • AG limestone 16.1 percent
  • Portland cement 12.9 percent
  • Fly ash 6.5 percent

 Site remediation was completed over the course of two years between 1998 and 2000. Treatment costs were approximately $106/cyd. Sampling during a five year review of the contaminated site concluded that the site achieved remediation goals and chemical and physical performance standards.


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