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Stabilization/Solidification - 7.0 Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)



7.0 Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) for S/S


QA/QC are operations conducted to ensure that the S/S product meets requirements. Typical objectives for S/S treatment of wastes include (Shi, 2004):

  • Contaminant mobility (leachate) reduction
  • Support strength
  • Environmental durability
  • Low hydraulic conductivity

QA/QC plans are necessary to ensure these objectives can be achieved. QA/QC plans usually involve a series of pre-treatment and post-treatment tests. These include tests on the cement and additives, wastes, mixing water, freshly mixed wastes, and hardened wastes. (Shi, 2004)

  • Pre-treatment testing

Components of cement and wastes (physical and chemical characteristics)

Mixing water (no substances, detrimental to the S/S treatment process, present)

Bench- and pilot-scale treatment testing: a demonstration of the effectiveness of the selected treatment method.

  • Post-treatment testing on freshly mixed wastes

Content of cement or additives

Volume increase

Bulk density and moisture content


Concentration of contaminants

  • Post-treatment testing on hardened treated wastes

Strength/penetration resistance

Hydraulic conductivity



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