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Electrokinetic Remediation - Similar Technologies for Soil Remediation


Similar Technologies for Soil Remediation:

The Electrical Resistive Heating Remediation (ERH) is a technology where the Direct current is replaced by Alternating current. The arrangement is very similar to Electrokinetic remediation but this method does not depend on the transport of contaminants and instead depends on heating of the soil. This would be more effective in unsaturated soils for the removal of volatile organic compounds (US EPA. 1997). The contaminants are collected as soil vapors. This method is not recommended for saturated soils.

A recently improved technology is the Electrokinetically enhanced bioremediation. This process involves supplying the much needed nutrients, heat and water for the microorganisms so that they can carry out the contaminant degradation faster (Sharma and Reddy., 2004).

Another type of remediation involving electrokinetics is Electro-heated dual-phase extraction. This utilizes the heat produced during electrokinetics to volatlize some of the contaminants from the water that are pumped out near the electrodes (Sharma and Reddy., 2004).This technique is coupled with soil vapor extraction and groundwater extraction for removal of contaminants.


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