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Electrokinetic Remediation - CASE STUDY 2: Quicrez Industrial Site in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


CASE 2: Quicrez Industrial Site in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

About the site:

The site consisted of high levels of TCE which also extended under the river bed nearby. The soil was saturated clay and silt with extremely high levels of TCE [DNAPL levels of TCE]. The site under treatment extended all the way to allow decontamination of half of the Fond du Lac River. Before the treatment was started the soil was sampled and substantial DNAPL was discovered which was found to be higher than the amount estimated during the initial design phase. Some of the areas had concentrations higher than 1000 mg/kg. 



Figure 6: Electrode installation at the site. (Terran Corporation) 


The remediation was started with two anodes and one cathode. The installations took just 3 weeks with the electrical and recycle plumbing taking 2 more weeks to be completed. The system was exposed to 208 V initially. The initial DC output measured somewhere around 190  and 500 A. Once the site started heating up to the operating temperatures of around 50oC, the power was reduced to 110 V and 450 A. Monitoring for this site was done remotely thereby saving some operational costs. The entire project lasted over 2 years till 2008 (Terran Corp.). The economic conditions of the state by then started deteriorating and hence the funding for this site was eliminated in 2009. 



Figure 7: Installation of treatment zones in front of rectifier building. (Terran Corporation)



After the funding was stopped, the post treatment sampling showed significantly lesser DNAPL concentrations. If the treatment had continued for some more time it would have been possible to reach the target contaminant levels. More than two thirds of the total TCE was removed and the zones of DNAPL diminished. The iron filings are still existent and continue to contain any TCE that might migrate across by diffusion or convection for years to come.



Figure 8: Completed Remediation of Quicfrez site and river terrace. (Terran Corporation)


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