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Landfill Gas Monitoring Systems - Ambient Air and Indoor Air Monitoring


3.6 Ambient Air and Indoor Air Monitoring

Ambient air monitoring measures levels of contamination in outdoor air, or in the air that people breathe. The levels of pollution measured in the ambient air reflect the combined influences of many different nearby sources, and even some distant ones. Indoor air monitoring is the measurement of air concentrations of contaminants in indoor or enclosed locations. Sampling locations for indoor air monitoring efforts include, but are not limited to, basements of buildings (residential, commercial, and industrial), living spaces in homes, and office spaces near landfills. (ATSDR, 2001)

Ambient air monitoring and indoor air monitoring data can provide a better characterization of gases in the breathing zone. EPA has approved several different types of sampling and analytical methods for common air pollutants, which can be found on Ambient Monitoring Technology Information Center of EPA website.



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