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Seismic Response and Stability Analysis of Landfills


Closing Remarks:


            Both geosynthetics and composite landfill cover are commonly used in modern landfills. At the OVSL landfill, it is important to not only perform seismic design procedures, such as slope stability or liquefaction but know what performance of geosynthetics and landfill cover are expected under certain shear strength and period. So, engineering judgment is needed to select appropriate methods to analyze the geosynthetics and landfill covers under seismic conditions. 

           The primary goal of seismic design of a landfill is to ensure that the landfill sustains an earthquake without damage or without leaking contaminant. With the onset of the Subtitle D regulation, research and interest in the seismic criteria of landfill design has been of interest. The lack of specification from the Subtitle C and D may root from the fact that seismic design is heavily specific to region and site-specificities. This puts the onus on the designer to ensure the project at hand is fully understood and evaluated before designing a landfill for seismic loading. Choosing which design philosophy and specifications are met is paramount with careful consideration needed. In areas such as Washington State and California, where seismic activity is imminent, and populations are ever-growing, landfill design for seismic criteria is becoming evermore important. 


About the Authors:

The Part I: Seismic Design part of this paper was authored by Oscar Mowar. He is from Seattle, Washinton. and an undergraduate Civil Engineering student focusing on Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Michigan '18.


The Part II: Geosynthetics and Cover System chapters were authored by Michael Liu. He is from Shanghai, China and a graduate Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Michigan.

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