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Pile boring Machines of the 18th Century

These Figures are from D.P. Zekkos personal collection and originate from the 3rd Edition of theEncyclopedia Britanica published during 1797-1803. They illustrate two types of pile boring machines.

The figure on the left is called "Bunce's Pile Engine ". You can see the two side views of the machine. A man rotated the wheel and a weight was risen. Then the weight was dropped and the wooden pile was pushed into the ground.

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This article was published in the October 2002, GEO-STRATA magazine of the ASCE and was writen by Professor Richard Goodman. We have considered that the article was very interesting and should be read by all geotechs and we requested to host the article in the Geoengineer website. Permission for its use was granted by ASCE on November 19th. For more information about the publications of the ASCE you can click here and for information about the GEOINSTITUTE click here

Karl Terzaghi's legacy in Geotechnical Engineering

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Aboushook, M., Park, HD., and Gouda, M., Mazen, O, El-Sohby, M. Determination of the durability of some Egyptian monument stones using digital image analysis.  IAEG2006, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 6-10 September 2006.

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