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The $5.5 billion program to expand the Panama Canal will allow vessels to pass through that are nearly 50 percent wider and 25 percent longer than those the canal can currently accommodate. Jan De Nul is engaged in several projects, including dredging 5 million cubic meters of rock from the new Pacific north access channel and dredging 15 million cubic meters of material from the canal’s Atlantic entrance.

The price for dredging projects is calculated according to the type and volume of material as well as whether the material is below or above sea level. The ability to calculate accurate material volumes is advantageous when competing for projects awarded to the lowest bidder, which was the case here.

For these projects there are more than 10 different types of materials and methods of removal. Jan De Nul used gINT to store and analyze geological data and then used MXROAD to build 3D models of the material profiles. This enabled the group to calculate accurate volumes for each type of material that had to be removed. The 3D models were also used on site for machine control.

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GEO5 and the 5th operating section of Prague metro Line A Excavation of side station tunnels

Nádraží Veleslavín station description

Nádraží Veleslavín station is the first triple-vaulted mined station with acast-in-situ reinforced concrete lining on the Prague metro route. The excavated area of the left-hand and right-hand tunnels is 70.6m2; The excavated area of the central tunnel is 42.9m2. The maximum station height is 10.25m and the width is 22.34m. The total mined station length is 100m. A mined escape gallery ending in a shaft excavated from the surface is part of the station.

The station construction started by driving the right-hand and left-hand station tunnels. The so-called horizontal excavation sequence consisted of top heading and invert. The 300mm thick primary lining is in C20/25 shotcrete. Two hinges were artificially created in the structure designed to make easier breaking of the lining in the area of the central bay possible. When the excavation of the side tunnels had been completed, EPB shields driving the interstation sections were pulled through them. After removing all auxiliary structures required for the pulling of tunnelling machines through, the waterproofing system consisting of a ray-on membrane and subsequently the secondary lining were installed. Water-retaining concrete C30/37 was used for RC structures, or C45/55 concrete for columns and longitudinal beams.

You can read the full article here.

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GEO5 and Prague Metro line C Open pit for the cut-and-cover tunnels between the Střížkov and Prosek stations
About the project
Operational section IV. C2 of the Prague Metro line C provides higher speed of public transport services for large housing developments of the North Town, especially in relation to the city center.
The section IV. C2 has 4.6km of tunnels ; mined tunnels make up a length of 2.36 km (mostly double-track) and contain three cut-and-cover stations, i.e. Střížkov, Prosek and Letňany. The final design developed METROPROJEKT Praha a.s. The construction operations started in May 2004 and the the line was opened to the public in May 2008. Construction lot 11 covers cut-and-cover tunnels between the Střížkov and Prosek stations. The total length of this lot is 772 m. The cut-and-cover Prosek station (construction lot 12) is 205 m long in total. The magnitude of the earthwork operations on the Operational section IV. C of the Metro line C – 2nd phase corresponds to the size of the project. About 1,138,000 m3 of spoil were transported from the open pit excavations and tunnels.
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Wet Soil Mixing in California Wet soil mixing at the site of the new Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, California.

Many sites in California are located near fault zones and are underlain by liquefiable soils which can result in excessive settlement and lateral spreading in the event of an earthquake, putting structures and their occupants at risk. The site of the planned Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, Calif., is one such site. Ground improvement was recommended in order to mitigate liquefaction potential and allow the new hospital to be supported on shallow spread footings. 

Date: August 2012, Company: Hayward Baker

Hayward Baker Inc. is nearing completion of a design/build groundimprovement program to provide the required support. The solution consists of a grid of 6-ft-dia wet-soil-mix columns to an average depth of about 40 ft to create a continuously improved soilcrete foundation beneath the footings and floor slab area of the proposed hospital building. Tie-down soil anchors were also installed inside the soil-mix columns at footing locations to counter the building's seismic uplift forcesThree drill rigs were required to perform the required work within the project schedule.

Wet soil mixing is a ground improvement technique that improves the characteristics of weak soils by mechanically mixing them with cementitious binder slurry. To construct columns, a powerful drill advances drill steel with radial mixing paddles located near the bottom of the drill string. The binder slurry is pumped through the drill steel to the tool as it advances and additional soil mixing is achieved as the tool is withdrawn. The technique has been used to increase bearing capacity, decrease settlement, increase global stability and mitigate liquefaction potential for planned structures, tanks, embankments and levees.Quality controls include test sections and sampling of the soil mix material to verify that it is within the project specifications. On the Community Memorial Hospital project, Hayward Baker also used its proprietary special data acquisition (DAQ) equipment and software to monitor and control all mixing parameters in real-time during the wet-soil-mixing process.

Visit this link to see a video of this project on Hayward Baker’s website or view more photos of this project on our Photo Gallery!

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IHNC Inner Harbor Navigation Canal North and South Heading Cylinder Pile Driving

One of the largest single aspects of the newly designed flood protection system in New Orleans, Louisiana and the largest design-build civil works construction project in the history of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Surge Barrier.

Subsequent to months of planning and based on 30% design, Traylor-Massman-Weeks, LLC (TMW) received official Notice to Proceed for the largest portion of this project, the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Floodwall on May 5, 2009.

Date: August 2011, Company: Traylor Bros, Inc.

TMW is a construction team comprised of Traylor Bros., Inc. of Evansville, Indiana, Massman Construction Co. of Kansas City, Missouri, and Weeks Marine, Inc. of Cranford, New Jersey In order to accommodate an accelerated 18-month schedule, TMW immediately began installation of permanent work in only four days by driving the first of (1271 ea) 66-in diameter x 144-ft long concrete cylinder pile on May 9, 2009.  The Floodwall project alignment spans approximately 7500-lf closing off the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) and tying into the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) bypass structure. The 144-ft cylinder pile were driven with 6-ft center-to-center dimensions leaving a 6-in gap between each and make up the main foundation component of the Floodwall structure.  Remaining foundation components include a pair of 18-in x 59.75-ft square pile to seal the gap between each cylinder pile and 36-in diameter x 248-ft batter pile providing lateral support.  The steel batter pile were driven in two pieces on a 1.5V : 1H batter, spliced at mid-drive, and spaced at 12-ft center-to-center dimensions along the length of the Floodwall.These foundation components were then tied together with pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete caps and a 2-ft thick parapet wall topping out at elevation 26-ft.  During execution of the work, TMW accrued over 1 million manhours and zero lost time accidents reaching 100% completion within the required 18-month schedule.

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Source: Traylor Bros, Inc.

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World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center -Overview of jobsite

With the opening of the World Trade Center Memorial, slated for September 11, 2011, downtown New York City will become more congested than ever. On a normal day in the city, 200 commuter buses make daily stops in the Financial District, in addition to the dozens of tour buses canvassing the streets at any given time. With the opening of the WTC Memorial, it is estimated that an additional 200 tour buses will be making their way into the city on a daily basis.

Date: June 2011, Company: Nicholson

The additional buses compound an ongoing problem for New York City in that parking is at a premium, but they also echo the security concerns that have become a reality for the city’s visitors and tenants since the attacks. In response to these issues, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey commissioned the construction of the World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center and Tour Bus Parking Facility (VSC.) The VSC will function as part of the comprehensive, state-of-the-art plan for the screening of buses, trucks and cars entering the WTC and its parking facilities through the basement level. This below-grade structure requires a five-story deep basement with connecting ramps into the West Bath tub Area, which includes the 9/11 Memorial Site and Museum, the new Freedom Tower and the PATH subway line.

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Source: Nicholson Construction

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