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Wednesday, 14 June 2017 01:00

Greek village evacuated after huge mining-induced landslide (video)

Greek village evacuated after huge mining-induced landslide (video) Credits:

The village of Anargyroi in the region of Kozani, Greece has been evacuated over the past weekend, after a massive landslide occurred at the area's lignite mine.

According to the Greek media, the landslide at the mine of Amyntaion involved movement of about 80 million cubic metres of soil mass, causing extensive damage to the nearby village of Anargyroi and forcing its 182 residents to permanently evacuate. As the earth moved about 40 metres downslope, a large portion of the mine collapsed and four excavators were buried under tons of soil.

Operation of the mine, which belongs to the Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC), had been ceased since June 3rd due to stability concerns, and the area was being monitored by authorities. However, the extent of damage was by far bigger than anticipated. PPC representatives state that subsequent earth movements are expected within the following days and strictly warn people to stay away from the mine area.

According to the Deputy Professor of Geotechnical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Michalis Kavvadas, who visited the area, soil movement at the Amyntaion mine activated the tectonic fault that crosses the village of Anargyroi, thus causing even larger cracks in the streets and houses.

PPC sources state that the total cost of the disaster, along with the cost of expropriation in the Anargyroi community (50 % covered by PPC) will be around 200 million euros.


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