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Thursday, 16 March 2017 11:26

Geopier makes available technical literature and projects on liquefaction mitigation.

Soil liquefaction can have devastating effects on buildings in seismically active regions. Geopier® ground improvement solutions provide economical liquefaction mitigation solutions for many projects.

The installation of a Geopier ground improvement solution reduces the potential for liquefaction by providing a stiff, non-liquefiable inclusion in the liquefiable soils, improving the matrix soil between the piers in soils where densification is possible, providing drainage elements for rapid drainage of excess pore water pressures that develop during seismic shaking, and reducing the magnitude of shear stresses in the matrix soil between the piers to levels sufficiently loaded to preclude liquefaction triggering.

You can view literature or explore project summaries here.

Source: Geopier

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