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Thursday, 25 August 2016 12:54

Interior Slab Bracket (ISB) for Interior Slab Remediation Featured

Save time and money with the CHANCE® Interior Slab Bracket from Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. The multi-arm slab bracket is designed to assist in the reduction of piles required for slab-on-grade foundation remediation and to provide pile location flexibility. When used in conjunction with the patented CHANCE Combination (SS-RS) Combo Pile, the ISB can result in overall lower project costs while maintaining the desired load requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Low cost repair option versus demolition and slab replacement
  • Optimal load distribution reduces the number of piles per standard industry methods
  • Less project piles equals reduced excavation
  • Material and labor savings
  • Bracket placement flexibility avoids expensive interior finishes Load capacity ratings: 57 kip Ultimate / 28 kip working Designed for on grade applications and interior slab remediation
  • Option versus demolition and slab replacement
  • Your competitive edge – Optimal load disbursement reduces the number of piles required on a remediation project as compared to available industry methods
  • Bracket placement flexibility to avoid disruption of expensive interior finishes [i.e. high end kitchens, tile work, etc.

Read all the information and instructions for the Interior Slab Bracket (ISB) here


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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 10:23

Measurand Software Updates Featured

Welcome to Measurand's software update notification system!

The company is continually working to improve their software to make it easier for people, their customers to use. They have implemented a registration system to keep all of their users up-to-date on the latest versions of their SAA software.


Software Updates Include:

SAARecorder/SAAScanReport: Modified SAAScanReport software so that it should be able to correctly parse entered numeric values in the interface if the current culture / locale is set to something non-North American (ex: European).

Repaired vertical spacing of horizontal / vertical warnings in SAARecorder main window if a mix of horizontal and vertical SAAs is being used.

Improved various parts of email alarm settings for real time alarms in SAARecorder graphs.

SAASAACR_raw2data: Enhanced segment slaving and DIY features.

Corrected accepting one or more raw data frames with no previous raw data frames present.

Improved running concurrent sequences allowing multiple instances to be able to run at the same time.

Updated saacr_raw2data log file to allow each conversion to have their own log file (saacr_raw2data_logfile.txt), located in the conversion folder.

Revamped saacr_raw2data_logfile.txt to show what has been processed, and how.

Added new functionality for future products.

SAAView: Added information on magnitude and limits in alarm help menu. Improved the colorbar mapping for the rotation diagnostic view. Fixed polyfit lines not erased when view changed. A warning is now issued if trying to view a disconnected SAA (nothing but all-zero data).

SAADroid: Fixed potential crash which could occur when allocating memory for reading in configuration or calibration file.

 Find out all the information about the software update notification systeme here 


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Built in 1901, the historic train station is located in Downtown Richmond. The city is revitalizing their city center to attract new shops and foot traffic. The train station will provide passenger traffic, increasing the accessibility of the area.


The train station had not been active for several years. It was in need of pile foundations to support new structural loads as well as the installation of an elevator, requiring earth retention. However, it was going to be difficult to install high capacity piles and earth retention in an old, existing building with low head room conditions. Furthermore, the original soil under the train station consisted of 20 ft. of fill. The engineer determined that the site needed a high capacity pile to penetrate the weathered rock and reach a capacity of 90 kips ultimate capacity.


The structural design team specified CHANCE® Helical Pulldown® Micropiles for the job. The Helical Pulldown Micropiles would penetrate the fill in low head room conditions and obtain the 90 kips ultimate capacity. After running the HeliCAP® Helical Capacity Design Software, it was determined that a SS175 8/10 leads with a 5 in. grout column approximately 30 ft. would yield the required 90 kips ultimate.

During the installation process, the CHANCE Certified installer, Stable Foundations, pre-drilled the top 20 ft. for the helical piles to penetrate the weathered rock bearing. All 48 piles were installed successfully to an average 30 ft. depth. Following the installation of the original 48 piles, the engineer planned to add an elevator 10 ft. x 12 ft. x 7 ft. deep at the first floor level, supported on CHANCE piles. Earth retention in low headroom conditions presents a problem because you can’t get larger “soldier” beams or h-piles into the soil for perimeter earth support economically. Large equipment was not an option for conventional shoring – consisting of h-piles driven around the perimeter – or soil nailing since the area was so small.

Therefore, Stable Foundations devised a system utilizing CHANCE RS2875.276 wall pipe filled with grout as the perimeter piles. They also used the CHANCE ROCK-IT™ lead section that has a carbide tooth welded on the lead point. The new ROCK-IT lead allowed them to install the 12 perimeter piles around the 10 ft. x 12 ft. pit without pre-drilling.

Threaded studs were welded on the outside of the Helical Pulldown Micropiles to hold the wood lagging to retain the earth. Internal whales were added to the system so the pit could extend 7 ft. below ground, which allowed the elevator shaft to be built. Once the pit was excavated to grade, six CHANCE Helical Pulldown Micropiles were specified to support the elevator pit. They used the new ROCK-IT leads to install the piles to bearing without having to pre-drill. CHANCE continues to find new ways to improve their products which, in this installation, removed the pre-drilling process saving a day’s worth of work.

Read the whole case study here


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Monday, 22 August 2016 08:04

10,000 Page Likes, Thank You! Featured

We have reached 10,000 likes! Thank You for your overwhelming support!

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The Louisiana State Government continues to send aid in response to the mass flooding throughout much of the state. Reports say that emergency responders have rescued over 1000 people so far. Flash flood warnings are in effect for much of the southern part of the state and officials are urging people to evacuate areas at high risk for flooding. 

The mass flooding was caused by a historic amount of rainfall. Many areas experienced approximately 21 inches of rain in just 24 hours causing rivers to surge and flood their banks. A high number of nearby residents did not evacuate, believing the water would not reach their homes. As a result, many had to be rescued as their homes were nearly submerged.

Over 1250 national guard soldiers have been dispatched to affected areas to provide aid. Along with them, 170 high water vehicles, 20 boats, and 5 helicopters have been deployed. Even so, stories have arisen of citizens helping others in need across the state. Three men in a boat rescued a woman and her dog from a rapidly sinking car last weekend. 

A state of emergency has been declared for southern Louisiana and it is expected to remain in place until September 10th. 

Source: CNN

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Tensar Geopier developed the Rammed Aggregate Pier (RAP) system to provide an efficient and cost effective Intermediate Foundation® solution for the support of settlement sensitive structures. Through continual research and development we've expanded our system capabilities to offer you more. Our design-build engineering support and site specific modulus testing combined with the experience of providing settlement control for thousands of projects provides an unmatched level of support and reliability to meet virtually all of your ground improvement challenges.

See the video here


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Humboldt’s NEXT software is used to control the operation of Humboldt’s testing machines, as well as provide data acquisition and reporting of test data. The software provides a computer-based platform with the ability to configure testing machines and the testing process; calibrate transducers, load cells and digital indicators; specify testing parameters and limits, operate the machine during the testing and provide detailed reports of the data collected in tabular or graphical formats.

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Earlier this month on August 2nd, a large sinkhole formed in the backyard of a country home in Ipswich, Australia. The home owners, retired couple Ray and Lynn McKay, have moved out while it is determined if the sinkhole will grow and endanger their home. The sinkhole has grown to 8 meters in diameter.

A neighbor alerted the McKay's of the sinkhole in the morning on August 2nd. At the time, the sinkhole measured only 1 meter across, but has since grown dramatically. Due to the amount of water it contains, local utility companies originally believed a water or sewer pipe had burst, but it was determined that there were no pipes in the area.

Authorities now believe that the sinkhole may have been caused by a collapse or flooding of abandoned mine shafts that are found throughout the area. The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection are working to repair the damage and return the McKays to their home.

Source: ABC

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Hayward Baker Inc., North America’s leader in geotechnical construction, announces the opening of a new office location in New Orleans, Louisiana. The new office will support customers and projects along the Gulf Coast. As an extension of the Houston office, the New Orleans office is spearheaded by recent hire Christopher Rogers, P.E., Project Manager with oversight from Tyson Deklavs, Area Manager.

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