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Issue: #1       Editor: Dimitris P. Zeccos                 Date: July 2001



The Geotechnical Engineer website aims to provide useful educational information in the Geotechnical Engineering field. Through various features, the site combines theory with practice. Among the purposes of the site is the interaction of the visitors. Already, many Professors and Professional Engineers have contributed to the site. We hope that you will help us too!

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In the Engineering area the "visual" factor is very important. Photos, diagrams and maps play an important role in the understanding of a matter. In this feature, some cases which are related with the Geotechnical Engineering are presented via photos.

Subjects already included are:

Photos of dredging for the construction of the New Port of Patras, Greece

The dam of Stratos

The dam of Kastraki and its lateral spillway

Equipment used to prepare rock specimens, diamond saw

Compaction equipment, sheepsfoot roller

Forepoling in the construction of tunnel in Kakia Skala,  National Highway Athens-Korinthos.

Measurements of Shear Wave Velocity in soil. Digital pictures of Crosshole and Downhole Geophysics developed by Paul W. Mayne.

Reinforced earth or "gravity" wall, Egnatia Odos, Greece

Structures for the protection and stabilization of soil or rock slopes

The underwater tunnel of Aktio-Preveza

The Dam of Kremasta, Greece

Tunnels in Greece.

The case of Platani Achaias, Greece, landslide.



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